St. John’s Episcopal Church in West Hartford, CT

Find your spiritual home. Connect with our welcoming parish.

St. John’s is a welcoming spiritual home that offers an abundance of opportunities to connect with God, the parish community, and our neighbors in Greater Hartford. Our church offers a beautiful, sacred space that provides peace and tranquility to members and visitors alike.

This is a place where meaningful, lasting connections have been created for more than 175 years. Steeped in Anglican tradition, our liturgy is hundreds of years old, yet experienced in fresh new ways. Our spiritual practice is firmly anchored in treasured rituals and symbolism, yet progressive and accessible.

A diversity of connections to God and each other in Christ.

At St. John’s, there are so many ways to connect with our faith: through our renowned music programs, through traditional and modern forms of prayer and liturgy, and through experiencing our sacred architectural space itself.  Every time you venture through our big red doors, you’ll find many ways to connect with an openhearted spiritual community.

You might want to join in a Sunday morning service, introduce your children to our many youth programs and education resources, or participate in Bible or book study classes offered online and in-person. Throughout the year, you’ll find popular concerts, cultural events, and educational programs to choose from. You can connect with our neighbors and community partners by preparing meals for those in need, leaving ready-to-eat food in our Blessing Box (little free food pantry), supporting students at several independent schools for low-income children, or furnishing an apartment for someone transitioning out of homelessness.

An invitation to nurture your spirit and get to know St. John’s.

We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to welcome you to  St. John’s Episcopal Church. You can find answers to common questions about our worship and parish life on our newcomers page. Please stop in or fill out our newcomer information form, and explore how our unique ministry can become a significant, rewarding part of your own spiritual journey.

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