Celtic Worship

Join us on the first Sunday of each month at 4:30 p.m. for quiet, singing, and prayer in a unique style.

We offer Celtic worship every first Sunday of the month at 4:30 at St. John’s.  Celtic worship is a contemplative service beginning with communal silence, singing, a reflection on the theme, chanting, healing prayer, candle lighting station and a written prayer station, and a station of Celtic saints.  Our worship lasts a little over an hour followed by a reception.

Celtic worship is a joint effort of St. John’s and St. James’s Church in West Hartford. Worship is created and led by a team. Our team includes musicians, poets, social media and communication people, cooks, and two ordained clergy. The phenomenal creativity, giftedness and wisdom of the team is inspirational.

Celtic theology acknowledges that all of creation is a manifestation of God. It incorporates the Divine Feminine into the imagery and awareness we have of God. It recognizes that all creation, from the entire cosmos to the most minute subatomic particle, is part of God. These core beliefs inform our worship, along with our perspectives on issues of justice, compassion, and the environment.

Celtic practices and theology are especially helpful for those seeking ways to worship and be part of a community that don’t require church membership. To get to know each other, we offer an optional 45-minute discussion on each month’s theme after the service. Pelagius, a Celtic saint, taught, “Don’t tell people who God is. They already know. Build community and empower people to use their gifts.”

We invite those participating in our Celtic services to teach us what they know about God. Through music, poetry, hospitality, healing and art, we have found an inspired way to make available the fullness of the experience that is possible when worshiping God in community.

Please join us.  It is “Come As You Are.”  You are a unique creation of God.  You will be warmly welcomed.