The Rev. Todd Fitzgerald

The Rev. Todd Fitzgerald
Priest in Charge

The Reverend Todd FitzGerald began his ministry as St. John’s priest in charge in August 2021. After growing up in Louisiana and attending college in Texas, Todd studied for the ordained ministry at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Chicago.

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The Rev. Margie Baker

The Rev. Margie Baker
Assistant Rector

Margie began her ordained ministry at St. John’s after a career in public education. While studying at Virginia Theological Seminary, Margie served as seminarian intern at St. Columba Episcopal Church in Washington, DC. She has a passion for preaching and teaching.

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The Rev. McKenney

The Rev. Walter McKenney

The Reverend Walter McKenney was ordained a deacon in 1999 by Bishop Coleridge at Christ Church Cathedral, Hartford. He has served as deacon at churches in Hartford, East Hartford, Bolton, and Glastonbury, joining us at St. John’s in June 2016.

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Scott Lamlein

Scott Lamlein
Director of Music and Organist

As our director of music and organist, Scott plays the renowned Austin pipe organ, and directs the Royal School of Church Music-affiliated St. John’s Choir School and our semi-professional Adult Choir. He also serves as artistic director of the Music at the Red Door concert series.

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Ellen Painter Dollar

Ellen Painter Dollar
Parish Manager

Ellen oversees St. John’s day-to-day administration, including producing Sunday bulletins, e-newsletters, web site updates, and other communications and publicity material; managing membership records and volunteer schedules; and handling calls, visits and inquiries.

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Dwight Latif

Dwight Latif

As St. John’s sexton/property manager, Dwight coordinates use of our facilities by St. John’s and outside groups, oversees all building and grounds maintenance and repairs, and sets up for events. He lives with his wife and three young sons in a house on the parish grounds.

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Peggy O'Toole

Peggy O’Toole
Financial Administrator

As the financial administrator who joined St. John’s in May 2017, Peggy maintains the parish financial records, pays the bills, processes payroll, and works with the parish manager to oversee the office and welcome people to St. John’s.

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