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March 18, 2020
Message from our curate, Margie Baker
Good morning friends! Our curate, the Reverend Margie Baker, has some ideas about how to pray and connect with one another, especially for families with children at home. Please listen to her message and then read on for more on how we can continue to be the church and support one another in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Prayer resources
Try out these free prayer resources from Illustrated Ministry, which are especially (but not only!) good for children.
We also invite people of all ages to write your own prayers, even add an illustration if you’d like! Send those to us by e-mail (or by snail mail if that’s easier), and we will share them with our community on social media.
Today’s online worship offering is Noonday Prayer at 12 p.m. (Eastern).
To watch Noonday Prayer via livestream video, either at the time of the service or any time after, go to our YouTube channel, and click on the Videos tab.
Click here for a document with detailed instructions for how to use various online tools to watch and participate in online services, and we are available to assist if you have questions.
Help our neighbors: Donate food or cash to Loaves and Fishes or the WH Food Pantry to help them provide groceries to those in need
Please contact Loaves and Fishes or the West Hartford Food pantry directly for information about what they need and how to drop it off.
Send in your ideas for what to call our Friday evening virtual gathering!
We’re planning a Friday evening virtual gathering for all ages via Zoom, just as a way to check in with one another and have a little fun. You’ll be encouraged to bring a beverage of your choice to the gathering. Help us think of a fun name for this unusual take on happy hour. Send us your ideas at Or, if you’re reading this on Facebook, you can reply to this post. We’ll announce the winning name later in the week, when we announce more details about when this gathering will take place and how it will work. Be creative! Be funny!
Contact us at:
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