Holy Eucharist Rite II at 10:30 a.m., sung by Cleveland Williams, sermon by the Rev’d Todd FitzGerald.

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Service Music:

Voluntary    Quodlibet on Slane, 2020    Christa Rakich (b. 1952)
Hommage à Gershwin

Opening Hymn    All who hunger, gather gladly    Holy Manna

Sequence Hymn 325   Let us break bread together   Let Us Break Bread

Offertory Anthem    Panis Angelicus    César Franck (1822-1890)
Text: St. Thomas Aquinas
Cleveland Williams, soloist

Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
Dat panis cœlicus
figuris terminum:
O res mirabilis!
Manducat Dominum
pauper, servus et humilis.

Te trina Deitas
unaque poscimus:
Sic nos tu visita,
sicut te colimus;
Per tuas semitas
duc nos quo tendimus,
Ad lucem quam inhabitas.

Thus Angels’ Bread is made
the Bread of man today:
the Living Bread from heaven
with figures dost away:
O wondrous gift indeed!
the poor and lowly may
upon their Lord and Master feed.

Thee, therefore, we implore,
o Godhead, One in Three,
so may Thou visit us
as we now worship Thee;
and lead us on Thy way,
That we at last may see
the light wherein Thou dwellest aye.

Sanctus    Land of Rest, arr. Annabel Morris Buchanan (1889-1983)

Closing Hymn 488    Be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart    Slane

Voluntary    Carillon    Herbert Murrill (1909-1952)