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Our Youth Choir teaches more than just music

Singers in the St. John’s Youth Choir make music at the highest level, alongside adult singers. The boys and girls have a special opportunity to develop the values of self-esteem, positive attitude, respect, team spirit, discipline, and service to others, all while experiencing the power of music with professional, adult expectations.

By the time of graduation (or advancement into our adult program), singers will have confidence to meet many of the challenges of their future lives. St. John’s church is a beautiful, safe, inspiring place in which to make music and connect with other children and adults.

The Youth Choir is for children ages 7 1/2 and up, and forms the soprano section of an intergenerational program in the Anglican choral tradition, affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music. Currently the youth sing every other Sunday with the adults, and occasionally alone.

Do you love to sing? The St. John’s Youth Choir may be for you! Click here to learn more, ask questions, or schedule an interview today.

The St. John’s Adult Choir

The St. John’s Adult Choir for experienced choral singers meets Wednesday evenings and sings each Sunday from September to June. New members are welcome by interview and are encouraged to speak to a choir member or to the music director, Scott Lamlein, about joining this merry and dedicated ensemble.

The semi-professional Adult Choir is open to experienced choral singers by interview. Inquiries from prospective singers are welcome at any time; no religious affiliation is necessary. Sang in choir in high school and/or college? This might be the group for you! If you’re a parent of one of our Youth Choir members, this is a great opportunity to make music together. The St. John’s Adult Choir meets three Wednesday evenings per month and sings each Sunday from September to June. Every other week there is an optional choir dinner before rehearsal at 6:00 pm.

To arrange an audition for our Adult Choir, or to find out more, click here to contact us today.

Choir Calendars

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