Make a Pledge

Pledging is the primary way that St. John’s members make financial gifts to support the parish budget.

By pledging to give a certain amount each year, parishioners support the church leadership in creating a realistic, sustainable annual budget, and signal their personal investment in the church’s mission and ministries. Pledging is not only — or even primarily — about meeting the church’s need for funding. Our pledges reflect our gratitude for God’s many gifts to us, and the act of giving sustains our spirits and connects us more fully to God and one another.

Each fall, St. John’s undertakes a prayerful process to encourage the parish to reflect on our gifts, ministries, needs and dreams for the future, and invites each person or family to consider how much they would like to pledge for the following year. We designate a particular Sunday in late October or early November as Commitment Sunday, when people bring in their pledge cards as a tangible symbol of their commitment to give. Pledges, however, are also welcome at other times during the year, and you may fill out an online pledge form here if that is more convenient for you.

The clergy and members of the Vestry and Stewardship Committee are always available to discuss the pledging process. Contact us if you’d like to learn more or complete the pledge form below.

Make a Pledge


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