Rev. Hope Eakins

The Rev. Hope Eakins

Hope Eakins started working as a scientist at Sloan-Kettering and the NY Fertility Research Foundation. She then taught biology and genetics at Sacred Heart University.

Somehow every time Hope looked under a microscope, she saw signs of God’s power and love, and ended up moving from Yale’s School of Epidemiology and Public Health to Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.

After her ordination in 1989, Hope served parishes in Connecticut including Trinity, Hartford (where she met her husband Bill); St. John’s, Essex; St. Alban’s, Simsbury; and St. James’s, Farmington.

As a priest associate at St. John’s, Hope preaches and celebrates the Eucharist regularly, and assists with Christian education and other programs. Hope and Bill have five sons and 10 grandchildren. They love to travel and occasionally serve as chaplains on long cruises.