Middle & High School Youth

Middle School Youth (MSY)

Our Middle School Youth (MSY) program for students in grades six to eight uses a lectionary-based movie curriculum called Making It Real and Relevant . Our leaders find this highly scripted, detailed curriculum to be engaging, and students enjoy watching movie clips that inspire class discussion. Students begin with an opening activity designed to introduce the scripture theme. Parallels are drawn from the movie, allowing for discussion in a safe environment and leading to a deepening appreciation of the scriptures heard during the service.

High School Youth Christian Education (HSY)

The High School Youth (HSY) program uses the re:form curriculum by Sparkhouse Publishing. Brief videos are shown each week of Old and New Testament stories where “unlikely people are called by God to do amazing things and students are encouraged to see the similarities between themselves and their faith ancestors.” These videos have had students and leaders falling on the floor with laughter and tears due to their excellent and quirky yet compelling biblical content.

Special Programs for Youth

Every other year, St. John’s sends a group of young people on a pilgrimage and/or mission trip to such places as Iona in Scotland, and the Dominican Republic. We also offer confirmation classes on an alternating year schedule.